Is Rick Ross Magnificent? Pt. 3

what up what up OG Aristotle all up in the blogpost about to create a pt 3 to a discussion that I told the kind people of Schooled of Athens would only take a pt 1. Its all good tho. graduated in 200 AD from the harvard of greece and im still trynna pay off these student loans. It isnt just mildly lyrically talented rappers that gotta eat too yafeelme which brings me to the discussion at hand. If you dont wanna read back on pt 1 and pt 2 cuz ya mind is too lethargic from all the sittin and watchin and eatin all day to now read a total of a thousand words or somethin around there then heres a summary and also a spike slap in the cheek bone. Seriously get yo ass up and pull ya self together mygod. I thought the romans were about the lazyiest a human could possibly get…draggin their sandals on the dirt roads w/ their fat little heads down as the city burns to the ground. You millennials are the worst. Heres your nice little convenient summary on a shiny silver plate: So basically we’re trynna decide if rick ross is magnificent as he claims. I say nah. in order to see why we gotta check off a few boxes on the road to conclusion. What we have discovered so far is that in order to be fully human being you gotta use rationality not just emotions, your mind not just ya heart, your brain not just ya dirty knuckles…so on so forth. This is where the concept of means come in.

with any human action there is a mean. That is…there is some sorta middle ground that everybody should aim for which lies between some sorta excess and some sorta deficiency. Take the human action of anger. If someone told you that the wu-tang-clan was made up of a bunch of phony wack garbage MCs and you played it cool like someone just accidently bumped your side on a busy sidewalk then that would be an example of a deficiency of anger cuz although I highly doubt this needs to be said but for whatever wild reason that it does…the wut-tang-clan is in fact made up of some of the greatest human beings ever to step in front of a mic. But if you reacted in the same scenario by head butting that poorly misunderstood person in the face and then slamming him into the hard concrete until there was enough blood on the floor to draw out the entire lryics of ‘aint nothing to f*** with’ next to that now unconscious and barley breathing body, then that would be an example of an excess of anger. In both cases when a person acts in a deficient or excessive way they are letting their emotions exclusively to make decisions. Which as we’ve come to conclude in pt 2 is not acting as a human being in the complete sense the same way the drug dealer sellin parsley is not a drug dealer in the complete sense. Contemplating about means as you make decisions forces u to use ya brain. In other words when u trynna to be deliberate and sensible with ya actions and daily decisions you can transform any emotional activity into a rational one and become more fully human yafeelme.

This process of means happens everywhere. At ya crib, on the block, at the trapspot, on the internet or….when ya pockets are fat and u trynna to decide if u should cop yoself a new baby jesus emblem with his eyes made of rubies and his hair made of diamonds or split some of that paper w/ the homeless foundation.\

hint hint hint

Ah shit…again and again. My mind and my word count way too high right now. Guess that means a pt 4? See u on the other side.






Author: OG Aristotle

breaking down philosophical truths since 300 B.C. with a blunt in my mouth

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