Is Rick Ross Magnificent Pt. 2

OG Aristotle up in this blogpost trynna continue my analysis of ricky ross the boss. The kind people of Schooled of Athens let me write a pt. 2 cuz no one likes cliff hangers and not that this is a big surprise or anything but i prefer my pockets fat. jussto recap in the case ur lazyass is too lazy to click the back button and read another 300 word or-so post (seriously ive seen about 100 generations and u millenials or the worst in terms of work ethic)… rick ross thinks hes magnificent cuz he spends his paper on things he really doesnt need and i think that he isnt magnificent for the exact same reason. aight now that we got that outta the way lets get busy and talk about what it means to be a human being which we will then connect with the idea of means (maybe in pt 3?) which we will finally connect back to the idea of what it means to be magnificent and decide once and for all if rick ross is in fact magnificent. its a process yo deal with it. lets go

step one: who is a human being

if ur reading this then congratulations ur a human being. if u look outside ur window and see the neighbor mowin his lawn then congratulations thats a human being. if ur fightin with ur homie cuz he jus cheated on your girl then congratulations ur homie is a human being…no less a decent one. everyone u see walkin and talkin and bickerin and fightin is a human being the same way that the person at the traphouse sellin bags of weed is a drug dealer…but…if the drug dealer starts to sell bags of pizza herbs every time he breaks the ten crack commandments (#4) then is he still a drug dealer?  i guess you could say he is a drug dealer since hes still sellin drugs at least some of the time but he forsure isnt actin fully as a drug dealer…that is…because he sometimes dosent sell drugs and breaks away from the duties of his job then he isnt fulfilling 100% of his total drug dealin capabilities yafeelme. he just a half-ass drug dealer. same thing with human beings. to be a full human being we gotta use our full capabilities. we gotta let the love flow thru our viens but we also cant forget to use our heads at the same time. that’ what keeps us in a different category from cats and dogs and giraffes and chimpanzees and rick ross and drake. animals can only use their emotions, they juswanna drink eat and reproduce until the sun goes down yafeelme. humans can rise above this. they can eat drink and reproduce too but they also can use their brains to make rational decisions like coppin a jacket when it snows out instead of payin for a new Kanye West mixtape that you can just stream for free. so if u a human being who only uses ur emotions then you kinda like that drug dealer who has to sell bags of cilantro and parsley whenever he burns out his own supply. u still a human being yo you just not actin as a full human being cuz if it isnt clear at this point ur not using your brain and to be a full person, to actualize ur fullest human potenial u gotta be using ur brain cuz thats what makes u a human being in large part

so we should prob amend the original question a lil..instead of who is a human being we should ask..who is the most human being... and the answer, as this brief analysis has shown, is the person who feels and thinks at the same time

aight take a breather, listen to that new joey bada$$ album and make yourself a vegan omlet. Pt. 3 comin up which means more paper for me and more knowledge for you. once again its a win-win


OG Aristotle


Author: OG Aristotle

breaking down philosophical truths since 300 B.C. with a blunt in my mouth

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