Is Rick Ross Really Magnificent? Pt. 1

marble-flooring-galleryWhat up what up its OG Aristotle here. id like to give a major shoutout to the people at Schooled of Athens for inviting me to write on their blog. at first i was kinda skeptical cuz lets be honest…Schooled of Athens is a mad corny title. But you know what isn’t corny? When youre walking down 5th ave with your pockets fat about to cop yourself a fur coat cuz its already september and the groundhog missed its hole by six weeks. so after some quick deliberation i accepted the invitation and now im here about to break down some philosophical truths with some help from the homie Rick Ross

first off i got nothin but mad respect for Rick Ross so when i say that hes got it twisted in his song Magnificent when he opens up each verse with the lines “im the magnificent with a sensational style” youll know that im sayin it because i got nothin but love. btw if the kind people at Schooled of Athens invite me back maybe ill breakdown the philosophy of friendships but for now lets talk about what it means to be magnificent

according to Rick Ross to be magnificent means to have the flooring of your crib constructed out of marble thats, and i quote, “flowin like the nile.” its the same thing as being a don, a boss, a profit and a G. basically u have to be stackin paper and be spendin it on things like gold emblems, bottles of expensive wine wrapped in gold and exotic modes of transportation

i dont wanna beat around the bush or anything so let me just be straight with yall…rick ross is confused. spendin large amounts money can make you magnificent…but spendin it on unecssary toys makes you vulgar. my apologizes for the term but its what i came up with a couple thousand years ago and tbh ive done enough adopting

to show u how rick ross is wrong we first gotta talk about what it means to be a human being and since ive reached my word limit (or thereabout) ill have to make another post which means more paper for me and more knowledge for you. its a win-win really




Author: OG Aristotle

breaking down philosophical truths since 300 B.C. with a blunt in my mouth

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